Saving Series Part III: Saving in the laundry room


May 7, 2014 by Alicia

Saving in the Laundry Room

Welcome back to my Saving Series! Be sure to check out Part I – Setting up finances and Part II – Saving in the kitchen.

I have 4 simple tips to save some money in the laundry room!

1. Cut dryer sheets in half. I don’t use any fabric softener in the washer so I use these to reduce static cling and soften my fabrics at the same time. I cut them in half to double my money! They still do the job and I just got twice the dryer sheets for the same cost.

2. Wash smart. Only wash full loads to save water and energy. Wash all clothes on “cold” as often as possible so you don’t spend money heating up the water. The only time I ever wash on warm/hot is when I’m washing sheets/clothes from when one of us is sick to help get rid of germs.

3. Dry smart. Don’t let the dryer cool down between cycles. Otherwise it will have to work harder (using more energy, thus, more money) to heat up again. If your dryer has a “moisture sensor” feature, use it to reduce dry time. If you’re really brave, line dry your clothes!

4. DIY Laundry Detergent ($0.01/load) WITH NO SOAP GRATING. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s cheap. There’s something about making it yourself that gives a sense of accomplishment. And to save money by doing so? Jackpot! I got the “recipe” here. Here’s the breakdown for one gallon of detergent:

  • 1tablespoon Borax
  • 1tablespoon Washing Soda
  • 1tablespoon Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
  • 4 cups SUPER HOT water


I make 2 gallons at a time. I use a one gallon container I bought at Wal-Mart and one old juice container. I use a funnel to insert all the ingredients, which makes the process much easier. Put all the ingredients in. Shake Shake Shake! After it’s all dissolved, fill almost to the top with cold water.

If you’re used to store bought liquid detergent this detergent will seem really thin, but it does the job! It has taken grape jelly out of a white shirt, with no stain treatment at all. I use one cup of this detergent per “super load” in my top-loading washing machine. One gallon = 16 loads for me. So I make 2 gallons at a time, lasting me 32 loads. I usually only have to make my detergent once every 4-5 months, and it only takes 10 minutes (max) to make!

Best part? It costs approximately ONE PENNY PER LOAD. Prices will vary slightly based on where you live and where you buy your ingredients. My cost is based on Wal-Mart pricing. The absolute cheapest (cheaper than store brand) detergent at Wal-Mart costs a minimum of a nickel per load, or five times more than the one I make.

Be sure to check back for the fourth, and final, part of the series – Saving by Cutting Expenses. Or click the follow link on the right side of the home page and you’ll be notified when I post it!

What about you? What steps do you take to save money on doing laundry? Do you think you’ll try any of these tips?


2 thoughts on “Saving Series Part III: Saving in the laundry room

  1. Caitlin says:

    Definitely going to cut my dryer sheets! And we make homemade laundry detergent too, but the dry kind. Great tips!!

    • Alicia says:

      I’ve never used powder detergent. Not really sure why, I just like liquid better. Let me know if cutting dryer sheets works well for you!

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