Fabric Covered Boxes – Repurpose!


April 15, 2014 by Alicia

One of my favorite things to do is to repurpose items. It is a (seemingly) up-and-coming trend and I have jumped on the wagon! Repurposing not only reduces waste but saves money by squeezing more uses out of the same item. And I am ALL ABOUT saving those pennies! You know what else I love? Bins! Baskets! Organization! Who doesn’t? But man those little stinkers can get expensive, especially if you need 6 (like me).

SO – when we moved last year, I found myself opening our boxes of CD’s and DVD’s and not wanting to display them on our bookshelves again. My husband is weirdly sentimental about wanting to keep all his CD’s so getting rid of them was not an option. I had all of these boxes from the move that were the same size – a good organizational bin size. I also had some curtains that a friend gave me before we moved away from her (what an awesome friend!). There was nowhere in the new house to use those curtains so I decided to make some “fabric covered bins” out of cardboard boxes and curtains!

I could lay out the tutorial here but I followed all the steps found here. Plus that tutorial has much better pictures of the process. I would suggest doing a trial run, though. I found a scrap of fabric and a shoe box and tried it with spray adhesive. That was wildly unsuccessful. Then I tried the same thing again with more scrap fabric and another shoebox and used the hot glue gun and it worked MUCH better. If you don’t have a scrap fabric stash; try an old t-shirt, cleaning towel, old receiving blanket, etc.

Materials: curtain (or fabric), cardboard boxes, iron, hot glue gun, fabric scissors (regular scissors will work but fabric ones will work better).

The iron is only for ironing the fabric because it had creases from being packed away. Also make sure you can’t see the cardboard through whatever fabric you are using. Pull it tight around the box and check it in all different lights. I didn’t even have to cover those white stickers you see on the boxes below because my fabric was so dark/thick that it covered it. If your fabric is a tad transparent, you can paint your boxes with spray paint or acrylic paint. It will be an extra step, but isn’t hard and wouldn’t take that long.

Here are my before and afters:

IMG_0777photo 5

photo 1 copyphoto 2 copyphoto 4

I have 6 identical boxes like these – I got 3 boxes out of each curtain. That last photo is a picture of two of them placed on my bookshelves now. Eventually I may embellish them with some burlap ribbon or felt flowers or something like that. But for now, these are in our guest room and look much better than cluttered shelves full of CD’s and DVD’s.

What about you? Have you repurposed anything in your home lately?


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5 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Boxes – Repurpose!

  1. I have. I am currently repurposing plastic shopping bags by knitting items.

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