It’s Almost Time for #2!

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February 1, 2013 by Alicia

February 1st. You know what that means? It means I’m officially in my baby’s birth month. Do you know what that means? It means I’m anxious and huge! I am still working on my Master’s degree – to be conferred in May. I’m trying to get a lot of my work done before the baby comes, though. I had planned to do almost all my remaining work during the month of January but then we decided to move so I spent all of January packing up our house. Yikes.

I have gained far less weight with this pregnancy than with Little Miss, which I think has attributed greatly to my state of discomfort (33 total vs. 20 to date). Also, this baby is head down which I now know is FAR more uncomfortable than baby laying across you like Little Miss was. Every time I stand up I think I’m going to pee myself or the baby is going to fall out right there. Oof!

So today I woke up and became very anxious about it all. I have 60 pages to write and two projects to complete. Granted it’s all due by May, I can’t help but know it will be much easier to write with only one baby than it will be with two. So if you have any extra motivation lying around – please send it my way! Having Little Miss not so long ago, I remember how completely worthless I was for about 4-5 weeks. I am not looking forward to that again.

Also, I have scheduled a c-section a few days after the due date in the event that I haven’t gone into labor by then. Doctors will not induce a vaginal birth after a woman has had a cesarean so my only options are to go into labor naturally or have surgery again. Today I found out that the earliest in the day they can have my surgery the week after my due date is 2 p.m. and I’m not allowed to eat after midnight the night before. Are you kidding me? Do you know how dangerous it is to tell a pregnant lady she can’t eat ALL DAY?! Talk about cruel punishment! Not to mention I will have to literally twiddle my thumbs all day just waiting for them to cut my baby out – not cool.

So here’s to hoping that I go into labor on my own some time in the next 2.5 weeks (due date is Feb 16). We’ve also ordered a crib and some diapers so hopefully those are here before the baby is! (oops) Praying for baby to come soon and for these papers to write themselves đŸ™‚ Better go pack a hospital bag…



*Baking Time: 38 weeks

*MIA: Comfort

*Cravings: Cookie dough ice cream

*Worst symptom: Big baby, little belly

*Lessons Learned: Head-down babies make you have to pee a lot.


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