Oops, I Did It Again!

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September 14, 2012 by Alicia

That’s right. I’m pregnant – again. If you don’t know that, well, it’d be an awfully big coincidence you’re reading this blog. Let’s start with how this happened (the finding out part- get your mind outta the gutter!) Aunt Flo was two days late in May and we were freaking out. We high-fived when she finally showed up. Then June rolls around and I was two days late again. I wasn’t worried about it because I figured maybe my cycle was just lengthening itself (I don’t even know if that really happens, but it made me feel better). Then came the third late day and I just knew. I was pregnant. Again. Mr. Rockstar didn’t believe it. He went to the store and bought the almighty test. It was positive. However, the second line just wasn’t “bold” enough for him to believe it. He said it was too faint, a false positive. I took a test a day for another week- still no Aunt Flo in sight. I knew I was but hubs wanted a bolder line. Finally- two weeks later – he accepted that I was, in fact, with child.

Cue- FREAKING OUT. Little Miss was only 6 months when I got pregnant again. Do you know what 6+9 is? 15, that’s it. They will be 15 months apart. “Irish Twins” as my brother calls them. My body was finally getting back to normal and here we go again. Ah well, I guess my body will never really be the same anyway.

The funniest thing about it all is how absolutely, jaw-dropping, shocked everyone else was when we shared the news. No one knew how to react. Everyone wanted to ask if it was an accident and only a bold few could muster out the question (not including family, they know no bounds ūüôā ) No, we didn’t plan this. But just because it wasn’t in our plan doesn’t mean he/she isn’t planned. The Lord knows what He’s doing and we’re just along for the ride.

As far as the actual pregnancy goes – IT FREAKIN ROCKS!!! Last time, I puked at least once a day for 10 weeks straight (sometimes twice) and this time I have only puked 5 times total. Honestly, until this week, I would often forget I was pregnant. If you’re currently pregnant and are having sickness, you probably want to reach through your screen and punch me in the throat. I understand. Just think- maybe your next one will be easier! (ha, yeah I know, that wouldn’t have made me feel better either) Anyway, last time around I had to start using a rubberband at 10 weeks to hold my pants together. I’m 18 weeks today and am just now having trouble fitting into my clothes. JACKPOT. I don’t know why this pregnancy is night-and-day different from my first, and I don’t care – it rocks!

I’ll be honest, no part of me wants to go back to nighttime feedings or go through labor or pay those hospital bills again. In fact, I’m already dreading having to stay overnight in the hospital leaving Little Miss at home. But, I am excited that they’ll be close together and have a playmate when they’re a little older. I’m also excited I haven’t gotten out of the diaper stage because, man, it would be hard to go back. It’s also a lot easier to be excited for this baby because I know what’s coming. I know what to expect in the hospital. I know what it’s like for your baby to smile at you for the first time. I know what it’s like when your kid’s face lights up when you come in the room. And of course, much less puking makes me excited. The beginning is going to be hard and I’ll be exhausted, but that’s ok, because I’m already a mom and I know it’s worth it…

*Baking Time: 18 Weeks
*MIA: Energy
*Cravings:¬†Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch Bagels
*Aversions:¬†Can’t think of one.
*Worst symptom: Getting out of breath carrying two babies upstairs (Joelie & #2)*Lessons Learned: Not every pregnancy is the same. PTL.

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