Last Pregnancy Post – Tomorrow is THE Day!

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November 2, 2011 by Alicia

First of all- there is a bare belly picture at the end of this post–if that makes you uncomfortable… stop reading ūüôā I say that because they typically freak me out when people post them on Facebook- I feel that since you’ve been warned, you can’t be freaked out.

A few updates. At my 36 week appointment my doctor was somewhat alarmed at how I was measuring. He ordered an ultrasound saying I was measuring small. The ultrasound revealed that my baby’s head was in the 94th percentile for size but the abdomen was in the 1st percentile (aka, really not good). He scheduled me for an appointment with a high-risk OB for the next week. We didn’t really tell anyone because we weren’t sure it meant anything major – the doctor urged us not to worry stating it could be all kinds of things, some less serious than others. We were actually pretty good at not worrying for the next 7 days- knowing that fretting over it certainly wasn’t going to change the outcome. After all, the Lord had already worked out what was going to happen so we just sat back and waited for Him to let us in on the situation. Turns out, when two stubborn people procreate- their baby is a stinker! We went to the specialist and the baby was just in an absolute terrible position to be measured. They ended up reclining the chair so far back that my feet were over my head so that the baby would move. The baby readjusted and they got better measurements. The specialist assured us that everything is fine, he had no concerns about the baby whatsoever and didn’t want to see me again! Works for me!

Through all of that, we learned that the baby is breach. It’s in the fetal position but the feet/butt are down and the head is in my ribs instead of the other way around. At 36 weeks, they weren’t too concerned since it still had time to flip. At my 37 week appointment, the doctor said that it is still possible for the baby to flip but the chances go down with each passing day. So we went ahead and scheduled a c-section in the event that the baby doesn’t flip. Well kids, that c-section is 14 hours from now.

Talk about a curveball! I had planned on a vaginal delivery for 37 weeks (plus my whole life when I thought about childbirth). It took me a little while to wrap my mind around it. I felt like I had to start my whole thought process over about the birth and ask people all new questions. I honestly felt like I was copping out as a woman by getting the baby cut out- like I’m a wuss. I have since changed my mind and think that this is obviously the way that the Lord wants my child to enter the world which means I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Bonus- I don’t have to go through labor! (And no one is groping me all up in my woman parts)

So, barring anything crazy happening- I’ll be heading to the hospital tomorrow morning, Thursday November 3rd around 7 a.m. The doctor plans to cut me around 9:30 (time might vary depending on normal hospital stuff) Tonight, we’ll go to bed as a family of 2 and be a family of 3 before lunch tomorrow…

*Baking Time: 39 Weeks
*MIA: Skinny fingers
*Cravings: Chocolate Milk
*Aversions: Strangers talking to me about my rotundness.
*Worst symptom: A baby in my ribs all the time, oh, and heartburn.

*Lessons Learned: Knowing when the baby is coming is both a blessing and a curse.

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