Monster Truck Show in my Uterus

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October 13, 2011 by Alicia

The first update is on childbirth class. Holy Cow. I’m convinced that if you took this class pre-pregnancy, our race would be extinct. This was quite the experience. The videos were, umm, scarring!  However, the class was super informative and I feel so much more prepared and knowledgeable about everything. Considering I didn’t know squat about this whole process, it definitely gave me some peace to be a little more ready for everything (as ready as you can be anyway). And we got a bunch of free stuff like formula, mini cooler, baby blanket, coupons, diapers, so that was great! The best part about the class though was being around people- even strangers- that are going through what we’re going through. I will definitely admit that the hardest part for me through this pregnancy is not having a good friend going through it with me (though puking for 10 weeks is a close second to being the worst part). Barry can empathize, and people can give advice, but I think it would have made a world of difference if someone was doing this for the first time with me.

Pity party over. Now for the absolute coolest thing and my favorite part about pregnancy- watching this monster move inside me! Feeling it move for the first time was awesome, don’t get me wrong. But my favorite thing is to wake up in the morning, prop my head up and just watch. It’s so surreal to watch a life move inside you, rolling from one side to another with jabs in between. It’s just a special time and special moments that my child will never share with anyone else- just me. It is such a blessing. Speaking of which- the gravity of parenthood is starting to set in, just a tad. The thought that this kid only gets one mom and that’s me. I’m part of the hand that my child gets dealt and it’s up to me what kind of impact that has on him/her. No pressure, ha.

***Sidenote = I’m only a few pounds shy of how much the hubs weighed when we got married. -Sigh- all in the name of childbearing.

Lastly… I’m 36 weeks now, which means if I go into labor at any point- they’re not going to stop it. Holy. Freaking. Crap. Why didn’t anyone tell me what happened at the end of this pregnant thing? (just kidding) Reality is certainly beginning to set in. The pack-n-play is set up in our room for the baby in the beginning, the new bedding is all set up on the crib in the nursery, I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet for bottles and such, we are packing the hospital bag, and we’ve put the carseat bases in the cars. This. Is. Going. To. Happen.

Last point of interest- the baby is currently in a feet down position. We need this baby to be head down before delivery. Say it with me people, Flip Baby Flip!

*Baking Time: 36 Weeks
*MIA: Ability to see my feet when I look down.
*Cravings: Milk and fudge pops
*Aversions: Hot dogs
*Worst symptom: A baby’s head in my ribs.*Lessons Learned: Use your toes to pick things up when possible, bending over is just painful.


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