Pregnancy Updates!

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August 29, 2011 by Alicia

Oh where to begin. Let’s start with my bathroom-cleaning story. So I was taking a shower recently at about 9pm and I decided that when I was done, I had to immediately clean the bathroom. I’ve heard about those crazy nesting women- and now I’m one of them. What’s funny is that I hate cleaning the bathroom! But no one was coming between me and my Fantastik that night. Barry came in when I was about halfway done and FREAKED at the cleaning supplies smells saying I shouldn’t be inhaling it. Oops!

Next – the glucose test. If you don’t know, this is how it works. When you’re 28 weeks preggo, you have to drink this ultra-sugary drink and then wait an hour. They then draw your blood to see how your body processed the sugar. This is all to determine whether or not you have gestational diabetes. Well – I failed. My sugar was too high, which means I had to take a more extensive test. Now, think about that one thing that gives you the heebie-jeebies. Maybe it’s snakes? Spiders? Heights? Well, mine is needles! I hate them and they make me want to puke when I think about inserting one in me. (Yes I understand the irony that I’m terrified of needles and I’m going to be pushing a bowling ball sized object through a quarter sized opening at the end of this). Anyway, I got scheduled to go back a few days later for the long test. For this one, I had to fast beforehand- aka don’t eat when you wake up until the test is over. So they drew my blood at 8:30am, then waited 45 minutes, then drank more sugary drink, then waited an hour, then drew my blood, then waited an hour, then drew my blood, then waited an hour, and then they drew my blood for the final time. Yikes! An hour later, I see a doc about the results. She walks in the room and says, “You passed! It must have been a false positive last time.” Yay for no gestational diabetes!

My last update for today – I’ve gained 22 pounds. I don’t care if it’s for a good reason, surely no woman can be happy seeing that scale number grow to heights its never reached before. I’ve also been told that I’ll gain an average of a pound a week from now till the end- yippee!

*Baking Time: 29.5 Weeks
*MIA: Unstretched skin
*Cravings: Chips & Queso!
*Aversions: Carrots
*Worst symptom: Random shooting pains in my abdominal region.*Lessons Learned: DO NOT LAY DOWN AFTER EATING. Boy, that was a painful lesson.

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