The Day We Found Out!

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July 20, 2011 by Alicia

You know how when you’re little and you ask your mom how you’re supposed to know when you find “the one”? And the response is always “you just know.” Well I had heard the same thing about being pregnant- that some women “just know” before taking a test. That never made sense to me. I now admit that since I’ve lived it- I get it. I just knew.

I had suspected I was pregnant for about a week before my next anticipated period. I thought maybe I was just crazy or I was making too much of nothing – I told myself every line in the book to prepare myself that Aunt Flo was coming on Saturday just as planned. The closer I got to Saturday, the more I knew that she wasn’t coming this month. That Friday night about 9:30 p.m., I told the hubs we had to go to the store to get pregnancy tests. I wanted to test on Saturday morning – I couldn’t wait any longer and I didn’t want to test on a day that I had to go to work or church right after- regardless of the outcome. So there we are at Kroger- what test do we get? On brand? Off brand? Pack of 2? Pack of 3? Buy out the store? All the while thinking that these were awfully outrageous prices for a stick that I was going to cover in urine. I’m contemplating this decision like Mr. Rockstar would contemplate what kind of car to buy, except he’s standing there wanting to punch me in the face for taking so long. After all, we were near ‘feminine things.’  So finally I choose some and check out.

Saturday Morning. At this point in our marriage, I could count on one hand how many times I had ever been awake before the hubs – this day was one of those days. I woke up thinking “Oh my gosh, is it already Saturday? This is it. The moment of truth. Am I crazy? Is there a baby in there? I’m scared. What if I’m disappointed? What if he is disappointed? What if one of us is relieved and the other disappointed? What if I don’t pee on it right and I get the opposite outcome of what I am? OH MY GOSH ALICIA JUST GET OUT OF BED AND PEE ON IT ALREADY.” I couldn’t get the stinkin test open. They seal them in these foil package things I swear NASA invented for spacesuits. Not to mention it’s morning, my fingers weren’t strong yet (like when you can’t squeeze the shampoo bottle in the morning cause your hands aren’t awake enough – or maybe that’s just me). Hubs laughs at my frustration and opens it. Next I do the deed, and then…….wait. That’s right- the longest 2 minutes of my life.  Two minutes are up. Hubs stands by the counter and waits. I pick up the test and see that positive sign. My jaw drops. I put my hand over my mouth and show the test to him. His eyes get real wide. He looks at me and says “What the h*#^ does that mean?!” I had to do my best to not channel my inner Bill Engvall and say ‘here’s your sign.’ So I respond “Positive! Pro baby!” To which he responds, “take another one.” Unfortunately for him, I used all my goods on that first one so he was going to have to wait a few hours for round two.

We had zero plans for that Saturday. We mostly sat on the couch staring into space, trying to let it sink in. I took the 2nd test a few hours later. I left the room without saying anything and when I came back, I peeked my head around the corner and I’m not sure what face I made but the hubs said “it was positive wasn’t it?” I nodded, and he replied “Ok, here we go.” The rest of that day felt like a week. We just couldn’t believe it. Mr. Rockstar went out and got some sparkling grape juice and we toasted that night. I wanted to call everyone I knew. I’m so glad I didn’t. We experienced something so cool over the next few weeks of being the only ones that knew (though apparently others had their suspicions). It was so neat to share such a huge secret with my best friend and no one else. I love that we found out together. I love that I didn’t have to share that shocking moment alone. I love that he knew right when I did – after all – we’re a team.

*Baking Time: 24 Weeks
*MIA: Clear skin
*Cravings: Sweet Tea
*Aversions: Hamburger Helper
*Worst symptom: Acne/Swollen feet

*Lessons Learned: Drink more water.

Mr. Rockstar’s reaction on that chilly March morning:

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