Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby!

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June 20, 2011 by Alicia

Gender, that is – get your mind out of the gutter! Just a preemptive response to many of your questions – we are not finding out the sex until this alien baby is air breathing. Yes I know, half of you think I’m crazy and half of you think this is the only way to go about it. I thought having the ultrasound would really send me into crazy mode not knowing – turns out that once you truly relinquish control over something, you don’t really want it back cause it’s freeing. I’m just as Type A as any other control freak but it’s really kinda fun not knowing. Plus, I’m so stinking practical (just ask my husband who used to buy me sentimental presents and now realizes I’d much rather have something I can use). SO- not knowing the gender means everything I buy and receive will be gender neutral and therefore will last through more children, SCORE!

Ok so now the details about the ultrasound – holy awesome batman- those are so cool! We sat in this little tiny room with a lot of big equipment. I laid back, they put gel on my newly developed midsection pudge (ps. the gel was HOT, they should warn people of that) and off we went! It was about 35 of the coolest minutes ever. I haven’t felt the baby move yet so seeing it move was out of this world awesome. Luckily the baby was not spread eagle or anything so when the tech checked the gender, we just looked away.  Sadly we won’t have another ultrasound unless it’s medically necessary so it’s a good thing this last one went so well!

Now I know you might be checking this blog for similar humor that you found in my last post- I’m sorry to say I’ve only had one upchucking episode since that post (but really, I’m not sorry). However I’ve added a new location to my list of puking locations – the Baltimore airport! I went to visit my dad for Father’s Day and while we were waiting for my luggage, I quickly (and gracefully of course) made my way to the bathroom. Let’s just say that I was literally 2 seconds away from making that clean up crew hate me and their jobs.

Now for the other significant pregnancy event that happened in Baltimore- I blacked out for the first time in my life. My dad and I were leaving for a segway tour through the Inner Harbor downtown. We were on a street corner waiting for a light to change. Apparently I was dehydrated, so that combined with the heat and ya know, growing a child inside me, I passed out. I don’t remember what happened but my dad says I fell backward onto these planter things and then he caught me before I hit the ground. It was a very weird feeling and really scared me so we obviously didn’t continue on with the tour. This also led to my dad asking me every 10 minutes if I was OK for the next 24 hours that I was with him. Poor guy, I scared him to death – a dad thing I suppose. I got a lecture from him and Mr. Rockstar about staying hydrated – sheesh – it’s like they love me or something 🙂 Ps. I was doctor approved to go on the tour so I wasn’t being completely negligent, in case you were judging me 😛

Now that I’ve completely bored you to death, I’m almost done! Since my last post, some might say that I’ve “popped.” I guess it’s true. Those of you who see me on a regular basis probably aren’t believing this because I’m not really accentuating this baby bump that I call a beer belly. One day I’ll embrace all these changes – maybe once I can feel this mango kick! I always wondered when I would start to show. I guess 19 weeks is it for this mama!

*Baking Time: 19.5 Weeks
*MIA: Size 6 waist
*Cravings: Pecan Wheels
*Aversions: Rice (this might be life long now)
*Worst symptom: Peeing all the time
*Lessons Learned: I’m pregnant not fat, I’m pregnant not fat, I’m pregnant not fat.


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