This is Quite the Story!

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May 26, 2011 by Alicia

WARNING: If you have a sensitive gag reflex – do not read this post. Now, while this story depicts something quite miserable and embarrassing, I really think everyone else might find amusement in it. So I didn’t feel so hot when I got home from work today. I was hungry but nothing sounded good and I was exhausted from being up since 6am (ps if you know me, it’s rare for me to be awake when the time starts with an 8, let alone a 6). So I assumed my usual bump on a log position on the couch while Mr. Rockstar made dinner- a ritual these days. So anyway, I wasn’t feeling good but tried to eat some rice so I wouldn’t get sick. About 6 bites in, I put it down because it wasn’t going too well. Now here comes the good part. I dry heave- and it turns out its not so dry. So I’m running to bathroom puking in my hands (literally) and I barely make it to the bathroom door and I projectile all over the bathroom. So much so that I slide barefoot in my own puke to get in front of the toilet.  Ridiculous. Thank goodness my hair was up because with my hands covered in puke they were unavailable to hold it back. Mr. Rockstar runs to the bathroom and in between heavings I’m yelling “Don’t come in here! It’s all over the floor!” So what does he do? He leaves me puking and goes to get a mop, bucket, rags, and bathroom cleaner stuff. So I finish my business and I stand up to survey the damage. Wow. I have literally covered the floor, the toilet seat, behind the toilet, and the wall next to the toilet. So while I’m standing there (in it) looking at a bathroom painted with fresh rice and a blue popsicle- I start crying. Mr. Rockstar is standing at the doorway, mop in hand and rubber gloves on and I’m standing in puke crying like an irrational pregnant woman. What’s so funny is I wouldn’t even let him come in and console me because of the mess on the floor and I couldn’t walk out cause my feet are covered in my own regurgitation. So he gets on his knees and wets a rag and wipes my feet off (like Jesus, he says) so I can go clean the vomit chunks off of their landing stations on myself. Yikes. I can’t wait to tell this little avocado about the adventures he/she got me into.

Update on the baby – I’m 16 weeks today and apparently this kid can now pick up my voice. Also, its eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in. And taste buds are forming. (After the above story- it’s evident it doesn’t like rice) We’ll be seeing this action on our first ultrasound 2 weeks from tomorrow.

*Baking Time: 16 Weeks
*MIA: Cravings
*Cravings: Nothing ever sounds good.
*Aversions: Almost everything
*Worst symptom: None of my clothes fit.
*Lessons Learned: I now have sensitive lactose intolerance..


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