Oh the Joys of Pregnancy!

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May 13, 2011 by Alicia

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. Frankly the only reason is that I feel so terrible at night that I don’t want to do anything but lay on the couch. But who wants to hear about that-now for a few more interesting updates… Let me take you back to a glorious time– a time where I could buy dresses in a much smaller size. A time where pants and shorts were held up by buttons not rubberbands. A time where it didn’t take 20 minutes just to find something that fits. Ahhh, those were the days. I’ve gained 4 pounds in the last 4 weeks, though I’m not sure my hips would believe that. While it’s only 4 pounds- I’m convinced that what I already had is relocating itself. I mean there are literal inches between the button and hole on my pants. Is this normal at 14 weeks? Which brings me to the next issue – maternity clothes. Why must they be so expensive? Probably because they know you can’t avoid it forever. Hmph.

Next: the heartbeat. We heard it. It was weird and swooshy. I thought it would make this whole thing more real and while it did a little bit- I still don’t think it’s hit me that I’m growing a person inside me that I have to push out through a not so big hole and then I’m responsible for it. Like making sure it eats and breathes and stuff. More details on the reality of pregnancy later. The heartbeat was 155. The lady said if it was between 120-170 then we’re good. Then someone told me that a fast heartbeat means it’s a girl. Mr. Rockstar almost spit out his food at dinner when I told him that. I guess only time will tell.

*Baking Time: 14 Weeks
*MIA: Clothes that fit.
*Cravings: Sausage biscuits and Olive Garden
*Aversions: Fried chicken
*Worst symptom: Nighttime nausea.
*Lessons Learned: Don’t drink Dr. Pepper at all.

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