Let the Poking & Prodding Begin!

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April 23, 2011 by Alicia

Well, I had quite the doctor appointment last week. We met with the insurance lady (holy crap bearing a kid  is expensive), we had our family histories taken, questions asked and answered, and had to get blood drawn. Now, for normal people getting blood drawn may not be a big deal. But for this girl, it was major. I’ve NEVER had blood drawn- that’s right- never. I don’t like needles and I think the Lord put my blood in me so just leave it where it belongs.  So, the blood taker lady dug around in one arm for a while (leaving me bruised for a week) and finally got blood out of the other arm – with an infant needle. Yep, apparently I have baby veins necessitating a baby needle. How ridiculous does that sound.

Now for the new symptom – nighttime misery, as I like to call it. About 8pm each day I start to feel like absolute c.r.a.p. So, that’s good times. I think the most frustrating part is that no one can tell me if and/or when this will all get better. Every woman and every pregnancy is different so there’s just no telling. So, here’s to hoping the 2nd trimester is better and gets here soon!

*Baking Time: 11 Weeks
*MIA: Energy and excitement
*Cravings: Bagel Bites
*Aversions: Corn and ham
*Worst symptom: Nighttime nausea.
*Lessons Learned: Don’t drink Dr. Pepper after 5pm.


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