My Eggo is Preggo!

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April 16, 2011 by Alicia

This is the first in a series of posts following my first pregnancy! I am a frequenter of other pregnancy blogs and very much appreciate the honest ones so here’s my honest take on pregnancy – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My brief take on pregnancy is…. well- it isn’t really a walk in the park in the first trimester- at least for me. My body has been doing things I never knew happened during pregnancy; talk about wake up call. Aside from all the new bodily functions, there is an extreme lack of energy. Thankfully Mr. Rockstar (aka my husband) is truly a gem and has picked up many of my household duties to keep this place running. I’m told these things get better and that it’s all worth it- I’ll believe it when I see it.

Until next time…

*Baking Time: 10 Weeks
*MIA: Energy and excitement
*Cravings: Popsicles, donuts, & doritos. (not at the same time)
*Aversions: Chick Fil A, pineapple, & green bean casserole
*Worst symptom: Morning sickness. Why can’t this kid just accept its surroundings?
*Lessons Learned: I should have been more thankful for a healthy and normal running body before this.

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